Gudrun Bartels


Gudrun Bartels was born in the Hanseatic town Bremen.

She finished a study of art at the university of Göttingen, she lives and works as a free lance artist in Friedland.

With numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, her art were presented. She travelled to Portugal for the first time in 1975 and has returned since then many times. She spends two to three months of the year in the Algarve.

The impressions of the sceneries, the wildlife, the forest of nature and the Portuguese culture can be found in her pictures. The images of the exhibition „Portugiesische Impressionen“ have originated mostly on site during the last three years.

These are results of inspirations from nature and culture, graphic pattern Azulejos and sunny color impressions. The artist works with acrylic colors which she combines with pastel chalks, pigments and different materials. The pictures shall wake a feeling for space and width, painting on the borderline between order and chaos.

Gudrun Bartels tries to arrange new natural structures, so that a new language of symbols can originate.